Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Hopes For Ruby 2.0

I must admit I haven't been following Ruby 2.0 too closely lately. But, I since I've been using 1.8 quite a bit lately. I thought I would list the things that are in 1.8, but I hope are gone in 2.0. This is a prayer of good vibes.

  1. Make blocks first class citizens. So, no more & in your methods. Everything should be an object. Blocks are no exception in fact, they have more right than anyone. This will make blocks syntactically cheaper too. No more "lambda". Happiness is cheap syntactic blocks.

  2. Reflection on everything. Yes, this means the stack. It also means keep the source in memory as well as part of classes and blocks. This might could used for a lot of cool things (like interesting ways to traverse code). Don't worry. It doesn't add much memory.

  3. Make blocks accept the same kind of parameters as methods. Right now, you can not have methods take an implicit block (you know with the & in front). Wait a minute. If number one is satisfied, this will be too. Oh goody. Cheap blocks take away complexity. Isn't this reason enough to have them?

OK, that's it for now. The above things would make life so much easier. I could lobby for taking away case statements and most keywords, but I think the above would be great to take the language forward without hurting too much.

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