Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Standards Gone Wild

There was a discussion recently on standards where one poster said that they were big on alignment. Here's an exchange:
Hi__ jwen,

jhdn> Simple solution: set in your coding standards that ALL
jhdn> classnames MUST be a specific length, and also dictate specific
jhdn> lengths for all member variables, method names, etc. etc.

Hmmm_, I___ thnk that mght caus more prbs, mayb even a___ rvln from
the_ devs. Not_ to__ mntn that it__ lmts your cr8v ablt to__ use_ good
nams and bild a dict* that hlps bild betr apps.


* I Just couldn't come up with a four letter substitution for
"vocabulary". :)

Classic. I laughed coffee through my nose. It hurt, but was well worth it. I'm glad I don't work somewhere they have standard on the size of my variables. I don't think I would be working there much longer.

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