Monday, October 22, 2007

"Considered Harmful" Considered Harmful

It's official. "Considered harmful" can be added to list of cliches to avoid. It needs to go into retirement along with factorial and prime examples.


Andrés said...

Hey man I am interested in your rationale... even if it is subjective, I'd like to know!


Unknown said...

I completely agree :)

I have another one, "best practice". It makes people do things blindly.


kesmit said...

Oh, I don't know. I find it a bit humorous. I think 90% of the time when I see it used, it is being used in a tougue-in-cheek fashion. For the 10% where it is being used serious, it is considered harmful.

Unknown said...

The rational for my post was just seeing all of the "considered harmful" blog posts. I'm just tired of seeing it. It's tired like prime or factorial code examples to prove that your language is elegant.

I agree with "best practice"..=)

Anonymous said...

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