Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm embarrassed

I can't believe what gets passed off as humor these days. I'm embarrassed to be part of a community where one of the main evangelists of the community post such bile and garbage. It was meant to be funny. But, calling developers outside your community "morons" even in jest is not cool. It certainly doesn't breed communication and good will. And if you were interested in "making the world of software development a more enjoyable, productive place", then name calling is not the way to do it. I understand it was done in humor and I know you are writing off my serious reply as "dumb" because of your debate killing "if you didn't get the humor, then you're dumb" post. But, if you wanted to be funny, you went about it the wrong way. All you displayed was a level of immaturity that should be unacceptable in our community. It wasn't witty.

And to end I will add, yes, Ruby does need tools. It needs tools badly. I would love to have refactoring support (that works) and a good debugger. I can't imagine doing a project of any size without those tools. Not every one is a great developer and eventually you will step into some unsavory code. Tools are for helping with those unsavory pieces of code and even to gain understanding on a large system. This is where learning comes in. Instead of writing the developer off as a "moron", I use unsavory code and tools to teach how to do it better. So, who's really "making the world of software development a more enjoyable, productive place"?

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Andrés said...


I could not agree more. There are things that are best left unsaid. In addition to that, there is no excuse for calling someone a moron.