Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Design

I love Alex Ruiz's post on named parameters in Java. Why? For one, it shows how he got around Java's lack of named parameters. He then goes on to explain why he made the design choices he made. Pros and cons are then listed for the approach. But, the part that I loved is that he sided on the side of the API user. It made his life as the API designer harder and cost him more code to write. The result was something that allowed for more readable code for the client. I love it! I tend to design with making the client's life easier instead of mine. This article is excellent for outlining the design choices and not being dogmatic. Everything is logical and well laid out. Another reason I loved the article is that the lack of a language feature inspired him to work harder to get the same result. A post that inspires us to push for better solutions no matter the constraints.