Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Job Went To India

Sam comments on "My Job Went To India" by Chad Fowler and I think I have been too harsh with this book. I have refused to buy it from the title and especially the cover. Sam discussed the problem they had with that. When I came out of college, there was a ton of "scare" books about how all programming jobs were going overseas. Let's just say that was several years ago. I hate "scare" books and the title of Chad's book smelled of that. I refused to even open it in the store. Sam explains they wanted a funny title and it didn't sell because of that. I can understand that completely. I've heard nothing but good things about the book and maybe it's time for me to my bias aside and to read it. But, I will probably put a book cover over it because I can not stand the title or cover. Let's hope the pragmatic programmers re-title it and re-release a second edition with something less scary or funny.

Besides, if it was a joke, it wasn't funny. Scare books are cheap shots and not worthy of anyone's money. So, if they are wondering why sales were poor, I gave my reason. I trust Sam and I will probably buy it now. What a marketing mistake though.

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Dave Thomas said...

To be honest, it wasn't supposed to be a scare: it was supposed to be ironic. The reality is that jobs aren't going anywhere. But they are changing. And that's what the book is about.

Dave Thomas