Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Can't Stand Pretentiousness

There I said it. I don't care what it is. A programming language, methodology, religion, music, art, coffee, movies, or what have you it doesn't matter. It reeks to me and I'm sorry for anyone who uses it to make themselves feel superior. Somethings I don't understand being pretentious over like wine (angry grapes because they are bitter for being made into that) or scotch (yes, I would like some turpentine please). I've tried them, I didn't like them. But, if you do, then more to you. It's not a reason to think your are better. But, I digress. I'm always running into people that stick their noses up based on what I like. Nothing cuts off a conversation sooner for me than when someone says, "Why do you listen to that Y garbage?" or "How can you stand to program in language X?" I just walk away because you are not worth my breath. I think it blinds your thoughts and makes it impossible to reason. I would rather hear, "Why do you like X?" or "Give me the top greatest pleasures of Y". I like to ask those questions. I'm always amazed at the answers.

I guess it's my southern upbringing. I like simple things, but I also enjoy richer experiences as well. I just hate it when someone is not open to the joys of the simpler things. I listen to all kinds of music, food, or what have you. I will try anything once. And I research any language I can get my hands on. They each have their strengths and pluses.

Now, don't mistake pretentiousness with excitement. I love excitement and a healthy jubilation for your newest discovery. But, when it turns to thumbing your nose at something, then I think the coin has been flipped.

Oh well, I had to get that rant off my chest. I'll probably read it tomorrow and go "What the hell were you thinking?!" Or maybe I was just trying to say, "There's something positive about everything, find it", in a really negative way.

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