Sunday, January 07, 2007

Theme Song For The Year

This year my wife, Michelle, came up with the great idea to pick a theme song for the year instead of make new year's resolutions. Basically, pick something that will inspire you for the whole year; something that will frame the year for you. I started out going through my collection and wanted some anthemic. I finally decided on Jean-Michel Jarre's "Rendevous IV". I've been a fan of Jarre for quite sometime and I always seem to listen to "Rendevous" when I've been triumphant or want to be. The music is catchy and it inspires me every time I hear it. I have a collection of music that I've always played before contests and interviews and this one is the last one I play now. I also picked this one because of the grand visions that I have when I hear it. I guess that comes from the first time I heard it was on Jarre's Moscow DVD and the imagery was awe inspiring! Needless to say, I expect 2007 to be a GREAT year! And yeah, Jarre RULES!