Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Great Post On Smalltalk and Parsers

Gilad Brocha has a blog and he made great post recently on Parser Combinators in Smalltalk. It's a great read with lots of funny quotes:
tangent: No Virginia, Smalltalk does not have operator overloading. It simply allows method names using non-alphanumeric characters. These are always infix and all have the same fixed precedence. How can it be so simple? It’s called minimalism, and it’s not for everyone. Like Mies van der Rohe vs. Rococo.

He makes more and it's a great read. I almost got diet pepsi all over my new Mac while reading it. I tend to stand on the same fence that thinks functional and object-oriented programming compliment each other well. I'll even go as far and say they need each other. I ran across this blog because of my recent interest in Self and Factor. Fun stuff!

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guenni said...

Yes, it is a very great post.

I just wish I wash able to deduce the missing pieces and implement it myself.