Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I missed another great quote from Arto's blog on Lisp:
I’ve also been reading a lot of the relevant academic literature published since the 1970s; for instance, the Lambda Papers and the myriad works of Henry Baker have been particularly inspiring. I continue to be struck by the harsh reality of the often-asserted, but seldom-accepted, truth that most of the great work in software was indeed done very early on, with virtually no further fundamental progress having been made during the past couple of decades.

I'm in the same boat. I'm just so much in awe of early computer science. I've been reading David Parnas's old papers and they are inspiring. It's amazing how much of the old papers we are reinventing. It's fun and mind blowing reading, but depressing that we haven't push the envelopes further. I think it's time to stop being sad and just do it.

Here's my call to arms. Let's take it further and stop whining! Who's with me?! CHARGE! The next generation of computer science starts NOW!