Sunday, December 03, 2006

Apparently, I like bad music

Blender made a list of the 50 worst music artists. It should come as no surprise that I like artists on that list. The guilty were: Skinny Puppy, Oingo Boingo, Whitesnake, and Kansas. How many artists do you like make the list? Fess up now...


James T. Savidge said...

Hummm ... Whitesnake, The Doors, and Creed & Primus (only heard a few of each's of the latter two's songs).

None of my true favorites are on the list. [Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Megadeth, Carl Orff, Beethoven, Lita Ford, Wierd Al, Deep Purple, Enigma, Blondie, Jethro Tull, Pat Benatar, Rush. :-) ]

jgchristopher said...

I can't believe Primus is on the list. Their early stuff and the new stuff once they reunited with Herb the drummer is great. Ofcourse, you may have to be a bassist/ex-bassist to like them? Les Claypool is awesome!