Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Seaside Presentation

My Seaside presentation went well last night. I got to show off Squeak, Smalltalk, and Seaside to a bunch of folks. The code browser in the web browser always amazes along with the immediate updating of pages. I love showing how Seaside gives you not only a simpler framework, but also deals with common thorny issues like back button and multiple windows. I hope I got a lot of people excited about Smalltalk. My favorite part of the night though was the reaction I got when I shut down the image, restarted it, and was at the exact point that I left it instantly. The power of image-based development compels thee! I also got some shocked faces when I said that I NEVER shutdown my web server running in Squeak even while developing. Everything stays live. Feel the freedom NOW! Seaside and Smalltalk give such great demos. I really don't have to do much.

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