Friday, July 28, 2006

Re: Do We Have To Sacrifice Virgins?

Ben Bleything said:

I can't speak for Obie, of course, but I certainly don't feel the way you seem to think. I'm incredibly impressed by Seaside and Smalltalk in general. Avi is clearly a very smart guy doing very smart stuff.

I was IMing Obie during the talk, and said "it's probably just because I don't understand smalltalk, but this feels like total voodoo to me".
But I don't think voodoo is a bad thing. Voodoo is what gets me interested in something; I want to figure out how it works.

I don't feel like I'm in any position to comment on whether or not Seaside poses a "threat"... I don't even totally buy that there's a competition.

Perhaps I flew off the handle a bit. I think it's because I see so much synergy between the Ruby and Smalltalk communities. I consider myself to be both. I'm a dynamic language enthusiast (and President of the Omaha Chapter). Both technologies excite me and the communities ROCK! I just don't like to see bad blood or the appearance there of. Thank you for clarifying for me. I just want to keep the positive interaction to keep going.

Obie Fernandez posts more thoughts and clarified his meaning of "voodoo". I took the bad voodoo connotation because of the use of the word "heckling". I don't like it when technology I love does not get the respect it deserves. It seems Obie meant no disrespect.

It's all love, guys. I want both of us to be successful. And Ben, you are right. We are not in competition. I never meant to insinuate that at all.

"We're all stars. It's just your shine is different!"-Chocolate, Graham Central Station

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Ben Bleything said...

Perhaps I flew off the handle a bit.

I don't think you did. In the absence of context it's easy to take Obie's comments in the bad way. I think if you had been there you would have seen it differently from the start. Hell, Avi invited people to heckle, saying he wouldn't mind an argument :)

My comments about competition were directed at Obie's post and subsequent comments about whether Seaside was a threat. I certainly didn't think you made any implication about it.

I can understand their statements in the context of removing mindshare from existing frameworks, which would in turn cause their respective communities to flag, and I presume that's the way it was meant.