Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why I Love The Smalltalk And Ruby Communities

This discussion on Lisp and its community is revealing. I've found comp.lang.lisp to be imitidating, not because of the hostility of some of the posters, but because everyone is so scary smart. It seems a lot of people have felt the wrath of impatient masters. The discussion shows a community taking a good long hard look at itself.

I remember not looking at PLT Scheme for years because of their poor behavior at Lightweight Langugages Conference Two. Matz gave a talk at the same conference and it's when Ruby won my heart. The community follows his lead. I have had nothing but great experiences in the Smalltalk and Ruby communities. I am thankful for that. The exchange of ideas and enthusiasm of people is contagious. I wish the same for the Lisp community.

I guess I'm shocked. I've always found Lisp folks to be helpful. The Lisp community has a lot going for it with two new books published last year. Renewed interest from a young audience is growing. I say forget the past and bury all hatchets. Start new. Lisp and Scheme are mad fun.

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