Sunday, June 11, 2006

When Is Too Complex, Too Complex?

This Java Generics FAQ is a whopping 433 pages in PDF form. Holy Moses! I went to print it out at work and was shocked by the size. The special cases are simply amazing. There's things that I hadn't even thought about it. It's comprehensive and well-written. 433 pages is a whole book on one small feature.

I've been using Java 5 at work and I must admit it makes developing proper frameworks possible, but it also complicates matters. It made my life as a framework developer nicer, but made the life of my user more difficult. Features should make my user's life easier, not mine. Simplicity is the key to good design.

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mpkwiat said...

The tutorial written by the main designer of java generics, Gilad Bracha, weighs in at 23 pages. There are definitely some weirdnesses in the implementation, but compared to the separate programming language that is C++ templates, I think java generics are far from complex.