Thursday, May 25, 2006

Devil Horns

I have a confession. Metal did not originate the devil horns hand thingy. I have a second confession. I don't know who did. I have a third confession. The same hand gesture is used at P-Funk shows and has been like that for years. Ronnie James Dio is attributed as the originator in metal circles, but I think P-Funk has been using the symbol for years before him.

It's funny how similar early funk and metal truly are. Both are extensions to a group of people disenfranchised by the establishment. Funk in my book will always be a more organic, yet still loud form of rock'n'roll. Same thing with metal. It's just funny that two of my favorite forms of music use the same symbol to show respect.

I'm sorry I just had to post on this topic. I couldn't be quiet any longer. It's just not right for metal to take all of the glory and not acknowledge our alter egos in the funk world. I hope everyone understands. I got to go put on a "Motor Booty Affair" followed by "Holy Diver"! Funk and Metal on!

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James T. Savidge said...

Wikipedia has a good overview of the history of "
href="">"The Horns

Also, VH1 has a good new documentary in rotation: "
href="">Heavy: "The Story of Metal

James T. Savidge, Friday, May 26, 2006