Thursday, April 27, 2006

Number Two In The World!

I became the number two Smalltalker in the world this past week. It feels great. The coding contest this year was so much fun. Michael Lucas-Smith came up with such a great puzzle to solve. I loved every minute of it. I used Dolphin 6 for my player and it was an absolute pleasure to program in. My brain hurts.

My great friend, Andres Valloud is number one and for good reason. I knew I was beat when we compared designs after the contest. Andres's design was just gorgeous I hope he blogs about it. I learn so much from him. I wish he would blog more about what goes on inside of his head. It's refreshing how he thinks and he's the type of person that makes you push yourself harder to do better work (or shall I say art?).

Great design won the contest. I hope Andres blogs about his design and decisions in the contest. It would be a lot of fun to read.

We're talking about doing the coding contest next year and we're batting around a lot of ideas. Now, we'll get to think about the contest from the reverse direction. I'm excited about working with him on that.

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