Sunday, April 30, 2006

Learning To Like iTunes

When I won my iShuffle last year, I was very angry with Apple after installing iTunes. It installed itself itself between my computer and the CD-ROM (which I found out when I uninstalled it and my CD-ROM disappeared). And let's not forget that it tried to rearrange my existing MP3s after I told it NOT to. It was a frustrating experience and it cooled my desire for a Mac real fast. So, I uninstalled it; set my computer back to its initial before-iTunes state; and downloaded a Python script to add MP3s to my iShuffle. I love my iShuffle.

Fast forward another year and I have won another Apple product: the Nano iPod. I have talked to several people who think of me as crazy for my rants against iTunes. They told me that iTunes is wonderful and what is my problem? Well, I told them that I hate the "by song" view. I listen to albums gosh darn it! They assured me that they too have big collections and iTunes is awesome. Maybe I'm missing something here, no? I install it; try in earnest to use it; and go as far as to download Podcasts.

To cut a long story short, I've spent the weekend with iTunes. I learned how to get around what I thought were deficiencies. The path to liking iTunes is underway. My real complaints were really that it was a different way to work on my MP3s. It's already forcing me to tag all of my MP3s in my iRiver so that they can be easily imported into iTunes. I even learned how to sync both of my iPods.

My lust for a Mac is increasing.

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James T. Savidge said...

Does iTunes still install that driver between your computer and the CD-ROM, and did it still rearrange your songs?

James T. Savidge, Wednesday, May 3, 2006