Sunday, February 12, 2006

Now, Why Would I Want a PSP?

Vincent Foley recently blogged about the New Super Mario Bros. game for the DS. It looks awesome! Now, I ask you why would you want a PSP? I love my DS and I can't stop playing Mario Kart. Yes, I'm addicted. My wife is also.

There's a lot of good games coming up on the DS. We've been enjoying "Elektroplankton" (more of a fun music maker...very creative). The "Feel The Magic" guys are coming out with a new game. And a whole bunch more! I keep waiting for the Donkey Kong Country port for DS. I'm sure they would have more than a few surprises up their sleeves!

I can't wait for the Nintendo Revolution. All of Nintendo's products are fun and creative. I can't say the same about Microsoft's and Sony's offerings. I have no interested in pimping hoes, stealing cars, shooting people, or fighting. But, put me behind a wheel with Yoshi throwing shells and I am an addicted mad man!

The PSP is boring and the DS is creative and different. Let's hope Nintendo keeps going and kicks some boring trite booty! =)


Vincent Foley said...

Hey Blaine,

if you can manage to find it, I would highly suggest that you try Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It's an amazing game, it's a lot of of fun. I wrote a review on my blog a few weeks ago:

John P said...

Probably because the PSP has a much easier to see screen, has movies so that you can watch a movie on a plane flight.

I'll be the first to admit that some of the games on Nintendo are my favorites. I'm still considering a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP after I get another contract.