Monday, January 02, 2006

Dear Virgin and Thirty Seconds To Mars

I would love to listen to your new CD "A Beautiful Lie", but you have copy-protected it. I prefer to enjoy my music on my mp3 player because I have a plethora of choices at my fingers. But, you have prevented me from ripping my music to mp3 for my enjoyment. I only listen to music on my mp3 player and sure, I could rip it with different technology (like WMA), but why be different just for you? I have software that makes sure the volume levels between albums are consistent and I can not do that with your options. You've also made me feel like a common criminal. I never share my mp3s and buy every piece of music that I have on my player. So, I will not purchase any more of your CDs and enjoy any of your music. If I were you, Thirty Seconds To Mars, I would switch labels because I will never purchase any of your CDs while on Virgin.

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