Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm Shocked

Civility in blogging is contraversial? I'm a little shocked that someone was scared about giving a talk about this. I know there's things about there like the Bile Blog, but I don't like venomous talk and generally avoid things like it. I know he has a lot of readers and good luck to them. But, if you're going to spew hate into the world, I will not be reading it. You are the problem.

I want to debate topics constructively and not tear people down. I'm not afraid to put my name behind my comments and what I think. I want constructive, healthy debate. I like to think of the arguments of both sides and add my two cents. Mental vomiting and bad language adds nothing to the debate and discourages people to be speak up.

I would think in general people would accept civility and it shouldn't be something contraversial. I wonder if putting your name behind what you say is equally problematic. I hate anonymous posts especially of the putrid kind just because they seem so cowardly. I guess it's no different than the people who ruined newsgroups with their petulant rants and name calling. They have to go somewhere. You would hope that they would grow up and leave their veil of disguise. It's probably asking for too much.

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