Saturday, December 17, 2005


I had the pleasure of showing off Dabble at the latest Smalltalk User's Group. I didn't get a lot of time to play with it and yet, the demo came off easy and effortless. The crowd was in awe of how resilient to change it was. We started out with doing the To Do example from the ground up. But, curiousity soon got the best of us and we started to change the data and make purposeful mistakes. It was amazing how resilient it was. We changed types of information after already entering lots of it and watched how it didn't even skip a beat. Wow. There was an attention to detail that was inspiring. It's the same sense of awe that you get when you dig into the code of Seaside. Dabble drips class. The user interface was extremely easy to use and used a lot of javascript/CSS tricks that were used to enhance the user experience and not be showy. I was impressed. I think everyone there was as well. Good job, guys!

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