Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stephane Ducasse

Well, I found a slew of articles last night written by Stephane Ducasse. He is my new personal hero. Everytime I get to thinking about a problem, it appears that he has already paved the way for me. For example, my thoughts on metrics via source code changes, he's fully completed them with the article, Finding Refactorings via Change Metrics. I also learned quite bit on metrics from "Metrics, Do They Really Help?" It pointed me in several great directions to book. It's just incredible. His website is overflowing with great computer science research. I keep coming back and finding new gems everytime.

He's an active member of the Squeak community, author of several books (did I mention that they rock too?), and he maintains the Smalltalk book list. I'm so glad to have someone like him in my community. I hope to someday meet him in person and shake his hand. Until then, I'll keep reading. I've got much to learn! I would like to thank Stephane for all of his great work and being such a good mentor through his writings!

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