Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some Days Are Meant For Play

I read Michael Lucas-Smith's blog this morning and immediately downloaded his Higher Order Methods package in my VW image and read the documentation on it. I thought to myself, "WOW! This would be a nice addition to my Lazy Collections framework!" So, instead of working on Needle in VW, I update the Lazy Collections framework in Squeak. Shame on me! But, it was SO MUCH FUN! The implementation is different from Micheal's, but I used a similiar implementation to the internal's of Lazy Collections. Basically, this is just me playing around. I made a few additions like prepending each to common methods (like #printString is #eachPrintString). It cleaned up my test a lot! Just download it and compare the #test method with #testIterator. The iterator version uses Higher Order Methods. I like the shortened syntax.

It was a fun exercise in blocks and doesNotUnderstand! OK, I'm going back to my regularly scheduled program. I would like to thank Michael Lucas-Smith and Travis Griggs for the inspiration. Your code as always is a lot of fun to read and study.

You can get the new version of LazyCollections on SqueakMap.

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