Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I Got The Power

I've been spending an hour here and there on a mp3 file management system for myself in between on working on some of my other projects. It's basically so I can move files from my local file system, iRiver, and iShuffle. I've been writing it in Dolphin and having a great time. It's meant to be simple and I add features as I find things annoying. So, a production system it is not. Well, I decided to add drag/drop capability so I could do all my file operations within it. I've done drag/drop in several languages and environments in the past and I must admit Dolphin was the easiest. I looked at a few examples from the development environment and I had it all working within a couple of hours. WOW. I didn't even read any of the documentation. Most of my time was actually spent in the domain getting everything working just right. Most drag/drop frameworks I've used in the past are just a pain in the butt. I was simply amazed. Yet, another example of how nice Dolphin really is.

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