Saturday, August 27, 2005

VOIVOD Guitarist DENIS 'PIGGY' D'AMOUR Dead Of Colon Cancer

It was reported yesterday that Piggy of Voivod died of cancer at the age of 45. Wow. It took me years to get into Voivod, but once I "got it", they've been one of my faves. Piggy was an incredible and unique guitarist. He will be missed. I got to meet him at Ozzfest a couple of years ago and they were incredibly nice and appreciative. I can't believe another hero is gone. I will be spinning "Dimension Hatross" and "Nothingface" in remembrance. RIP, brother.

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Anonymous said...

This saddens me, no end. I used to be pen pals with Denis when I joined their fan club, Iron Gang, around 1983. He was always the one to write back. I finally got to meet him in the 90's and partied with him, Snake, and Away on The Outer Limits tour. Denis was EXTREMELY underated. I can honestly say NO ONE sounded like him! Or Voivod, for that matter!
RIP, Denis.

Tim Shockley