Monday, August 22, 2005

Bob Moog Dead at 71

It's sad when your heros start dying. Moog synthesizers are known around the world as being the best. Moog was one the first electronic instruments makers (apparently, he was inspired by what he saw at Raymond Scott's house). He started out making Theremins which are the things responsbile for all of those eerie sounds in 50's horror and sci-fi movies. He's been such a fixture and icon in electronic music. I'm so shocked. I was hoping to meet him one day and thank him for all of the good that he put into the world. Love is lots of knobs and flashing lights to make wonderful sounds. He was the inventor and catalyst for it all. He will be missed. I'm going to go plug my mooger foogers in right now and play in remembrance. Why can't the good ones live forever?

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