Monday, July 25, 2005

Terse Languages

I ran across this post while going through links on planet.lisp. Is this some kind of joke? The reason I ask is the following:
A major goal of this language is to have an incredibly terse syntax. It should be well-nigh unreadable: that is the point. After all, the human brain can adapt to anything, and if it can adapt to this, then the human hands might get a rest from all that typing. ;-)

Ouch. I want to be succinct and expressive. If I can't understand what I wrote yesterday, what good is it? Saving typing should not be the goal. I find I read more than type. The point should always be readable above all else. The striking thing is that I find both the Smalltalk and Lisp communities embrace this idea and put in on an altar. Oh well, I wish the best to this new language. I hope I never have to read it.

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