Thursday, July 21, 2005

SmallHttpUnit Lives

I just fixed SmallHttpUnit for VW7.3. It's been broken for A LONG TIME. I apologize greatly for that. The source of the problem was the cookie handling. VW7.3 now has it built into the HttpClient framework. So, I just switched my code to the new framework instead of handling it myself. There's still some issues, like the cookies don't make it to the browser even though they are in the request. It's something that I'm going to look at later. It's available in the Cincom Public Repository. If anyone has any issues, please let me know. I promise I will fix them ASAP. For now, the fix will do until I finish Needle (a reworking of SmallHttpUnit). Now, it's on to finishing the initial port of Elephant to Squeak which is proving to be a challenge in itself. But, thankfully, Micheal is a patient person.

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