Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Omaha Smalltalk User's Group

OK, this month's meeting is real special. We're teaming up with the SPIN group to present a really cool presentation! Here's the details:

This month we have a real treat. Mike Cohn, a Denver Scrum expert,

will introduce us to Agile Estimating and Planning.

We'll look at why traditional planning fails,

how to overcome those problems  with a story-driven process,

how to estimate and plan with stories,  

and why agile planning works.

We'll round out the evening with an interactive estimating

exercise over pizza that will give you

specific techniques to apply in your own work.

About Mike Cohn. Mike founded Mountain Goat Software{1} in 1993 to

help organizations apply agile development methods to difficult

software problems.

Mike is certified in Scrum{2} and author of User Stories Applied

and the forthcoming Agile Estimating and Planning (Fall, 2005)


7pm next Tuesday June 21 2005,

Northern Natural

Gas, 1111 S 103rd Street, Omaha,

Room 149

Join us! If you plan to attend, visit www.omahaspin.org and register.

{1} www.mountaingoatsoftware.com

{2} www.controlchaos.com

A special thanks to Alan Wostenberg for setting this up!

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