Saturday, June 11, 2005

Laptop's Back

I got my laptop back yesterday and it's almost back to operational status. I'm glad it's back fixed. But, I must admit the whole experience with HP support has left me cold. They almost refused to service my laptop because of a scratch on the outer shell and the hard drive had gone bad which was the real problem. I spent extra money on their three year three day fast fix warranty and they had the laptop for over two weeks. It took several phone calls before they agreed that they were being silly and they just needed to replace the bad hard drive. Grrrrr...So, the laptop comes back and they note they haven't fixed anything, BUT THEY HAD. It's enough to make you go to the funny farm. I can't believe how poorly I was treated. I'm a pretty tolerant person. And, to me an extended warranty is insurance for anything going wrong through normal wear and tear. I baby my laptop and was shocked how quickly they wanted to snake out of their obligations. I'm simply glad I got my laptop back in one piece and fixed. I spent nearly 8 hours on the phone over the course of the ordeal. So, what did I learn? Think twice before I buy anything from HP again and never buy another extended warranty. Trust me you are throwing your money away. What's the point of insurance if the company doesn't honor their end of the agreement? It just means you're giving them more money and getting nothing in return. Alright, time to SMALLTALK and create some love in this world!

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Anonymous said...

Now it's time for you to upgrade to a Mac Powerbook!


Your pal,

Sam Griffith (on a Powerbook ;-) )