Thursday, June 30, 2005

Back Home

I made it back home today all in one piece of mind from Smalltalk Solutions. This was the first one that I have attended and it will not be my last. It was great meeting all of the people that I admire. It was sad to come back home because I will miss the late night conversations and the dreams of future that could be. I'm more invigorated to get my act together. I want to present something cool next year no matter what. I'm thinking HttpUnit, with some of the extensions that I discussed with Colin Putney and David Schaefer, might be it. But, I have other ideas that I've had and one is from my ill-fated uce case management tool. All I can say is Niall Ross' speech was a call to arms for me. I've even batted around the idea of doing a practical Smalltalk book much like Peter Siebel's Lisp one. I don't know yet, we'll see how everything works out. But, we need to get the word out. I'll also be colloborating with a few new people and that should be exciting. Being at STS also made me want to participate in the community more so that I could get more accomplished at my time there. So, everyone in the IRC, #smalltalk channel watch out! This was just my introduction. I'm ready to blow the roof off the mother! Again, I had a blast with everyone I talked to and I truly appreciate the time that you gave me. I know I took in a sizeable amount of information to parse. You all rock and I love the Smalltalk community. YAKS UNITE!

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