Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shock And Awe Squeaking In Omaha

All I can say about Steve Wessels's demo on Squeak tonight is "Wow". A tour de force of what you can do in Squeak. I got to see a lot of it before he gave it and I helped a little bit (Steve did all of the work). I think we all decided that after 4 hours of intense Squeak presenting (remember this carried over from the last meeting) that we now need to give more in-depth presentations on various parts that Steve presented. So, it looks like we have a lot to discuss this summer! SQUEAK ON!


Wilkes Joiner said...

How familar was the audience with Smalltalk? What sort of things were the audience most interested in? I've been interested in putting together a demo, and I would love get more details about this one went.

wilkesjoiner at gmail

Anonymous said...

It was an audience of very experienced Smalltalkers. Steve gave out a DVD with the demo. Contact him at www.preeminent.org/steve

Anonymous said...

Hey Blaine,

It sure would be cool for someone to video the Squeak Demo that you all had. All 4 hours. If you guys could do that, I'll take it and edit it on my Mac to create a squeak demo movie that we can post and mirror all over.