Monday, April 18, 2005

New Version of Java Serialization Package

I've posted a new version of my on-going Java Serialization Package in Squeak to SqueakMap. It's for Squeak 3.8 (it doesn't work for older versions, sorry!) Check out my projects page for more information on how to get it. So, what's new for this release? Well, I made a ton of bug fixes, refactored some things, added more tests, added support to load classes via a class path, and started a VM simulation. Now, the simulation stuff has its tests commented out (it ain't even close to working), but I decided to include it anyway. I'm kind of shocked about how much stuff I have now in this project. What started out as a little project to just read in java serialized objects has turned into a lot more. It's also suprising because it's not something that I work on full-time, just when the mood strikes. Where do I plan to take it in the future? Well, I would like to finish up the VM simulation in the distant and adding RMI capabilities in the near. Why RMI? Let's just say I've been reading my Jini and JXTA books again...=) I must admit that coding all of this stuff has made me learn a lot about the internals of java.

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