Sunday, April 10, 2005

Meeting The Challenge

Dave Thomas made a challenge to have executable unit test comments in Ruby based on this Python project. I thought it was a neat idea. At the very least, I was inspired and thought it would be a fun weekend Ruby project. It was fun reading through the RDoc and RUnit code. I posted my code here for Executable Comment Unit Tests. It works with the Runit test framework and uses the parser from RDoc. It's only one file and not that big. It only took me one day to do the code and most of the time was spent reading code. Take it from it what you will. Now, on to my thesaurus project, my second weekend project.


gnupate said...

I haven't looked at your code yet, but have you considered rewriting this to use Test::Unit (runit's successor)?

gnupate said...

Ahh, Now that I've looked at it, it does use Test::Unit. <voice style="rosana rosanadana">Nevermind.</voice>

Unknown said...

No problem. Thanks for looking! Funny thing is that I never realized that there were two testing frameworks in Ruby. So, I quickly went to look at it. Learn something new everyday...=)