Saturday, April 02, 2005

Holy Numbers!

Ian Prince got a sneak peak at SmallWiki 2 and was very impressed. He added a link an introduction presentation by its author Lukas Renggli. Cruise to page 10 and you will see these numbers:

Wikipedia LOCSmallWiki LOC
I guess this proves not all dynamic languages are created equal. Wikipedia is written in PHP. These are amazing numbers! I know that Seaside makes me very productive and it's nice to have proof. But, gosh darn, if those numbers are not impressive! WOW! Avi and the rest of the seaside crew must be grinning ear to ear! The presentation goes on to talk about a meta framework called Magritte that sounds very cool. I'd imagine it also had something to do with the low numbers. I can't wait till the code is released!


Anonymous said...

Sure Seaside is the coolest framework around since few years. (really)

Sure those number are very impressive and smalltalk is a very nice environnement for application development.

However, I really would like to detail those figures feature by feature. I feel that wikipedia might be "richer" than the current version of smallwiki.

Anyway, same for me: I cannot wait for the software release! :-)

Wilkes Joiner said...

I have almost the same reaction as bernard. Although, I the LOC refers to specific subsystems of the application. Still not sure if it is an apples to apples comparison.