Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I was reading through various blogs that I haven't seen before and ran across this article. It talks about the Syndey Smalltalk and Ruby Users Groups getting together for a joint presentation and mutual love fest of dynamic languages. Sounds great to me. But, I found the differences between Smalltalkers and Rubyists to be hilarious. Here's the blurp:
    Other differences between the groups were notable: the Smalltalkers typically wore suits, and worked professionally in Smalltalk, typically for banks. The Rubyists looked like refugees in comparison, and I don’t believe any of us use Ruby professionally for more than skunkworks projects. The Smalltalkers left at a reasonably sensible hour, leaving the Rubyists huddling over their pints. Smalltalk has 30 or so years of history, but clearly no staying power. (Or it could be that they were just smarter than us, as it was past last drinks at the time…)

I never fashioned myself as a suit and tie type of guy. I don't work at a bank either. I've never heard Smalltalkers being suits. Interesting to say the least...=) I love both languages and communities. Both have different types of energies. Anyway, there's no point to the post except that I found being called "suits" to be amusing to say the least!

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