Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Holy New Squeak Leadership, Batman!

    Göran Krampe announced this on the Squeak mailing list:
    The last six days there has been some off list activity in forming a new
    leadership for Squeak. Yes, you read it right - the Guides are now
    *officially retired*. From this point and forward there is a new
    *temporary* group consisting of five castawa... eh people, that now
    leads Squeak:

    - Göran Krampe
    - Doug Way
    - Cees de Groot
    - Marcus Denker
    - Michael Rueger

Wow! It seems they got the blessing from current guides and it seems to be a healthy growth for the community! I'm so excited. I love Squeak and I spend the majority of spare time programming with it. This is a shock and a great surprise. They also mentioned that the formation of the Squeak Foundation is continuing. But, I do like taking the bull by the horns so to speak!


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