Sunday, January 09, 2005

So much for intelligent debate

Check out this blog entry. I'm sickened and appalled by it. I'm so sick of name calling in the name of good debate. I'm also sick of threatening to win an argument as well. I don't care what your politic leanings are, but we should all be able to discuss and debate without charged language, name calling, or threats. Both sides of the political spectrum are guilty and it's made sane and intelligent discussion impossible. When we have books titled, "How to talk to a liberal". It really shows what lack of respect we have for one another and it saddens me. You don't win people with your arguments by calling them idiots. I fear we have schism with each side with tunnel vision. No one can see the other sides point of view. What makes this country great is debate with sides arguing from different shades of gray. I think we are seeing the world in black and white too much. Where is the gray? Maybe we should stop digging in our heels in an argument and be open to new ideas. Just please stop with the charged language. PLEASE! I've gotten where I will not even listen to any argument with charged language. It really shows your lack of thought. OK, that's enough politics from me...

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