Monday, January 03, 2005

Evil is...

Hidden tracks on CDs. I hate them. I really do. One of the joys of having an mp3 player (I have the iRiver 40gb btw) is that I can edit out all of those pesky blank tracks and/or space. Still it takes time to edit the audio and it's just a pain in the rear-end! I have written several quick utilities to help in Javascript that organize and adjust volumes on my mp3s. Now, I just need a utility to remove the blank space and I would be in hog's heaven. I'm just glad for mp3 players because now I only have to edit it out once and I never have to deal with it. Depending on the day, I sometimes just delete the extra tracks because mostly the hidden tracks are just not worth the effort to edit the blank audio out. Word to bands, do not put hidden tracks on your CDs. You're just pissing off everyone and it's not cute anymore. OK, I think that's enough ranting for today.

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