Saturday, October 23, 2004

PPUID and over charging

I'm MAD at EBAY! GRRRRRR! Alright, here's the deal, their web site design is awful. Everytime I use it, I have to sign in several times especially if I have to do anything with my accounts. I just made an one time payment for seller fees because they sent me a nasty gram stating that I hadn't paid. Well, the fact is that I tried to pay them via Paypal and the web page kept showing an error page. So, I can't pay, well, some mistakes on my side and them charging me more and sending nasty grams. I go to fix the situation (realizing not to use the paypal links) and what do I discover? I have to sign in several times just to get to the page to pay via my credit card (which none of the forms are prefilled like name, address, etc as well). And to top it all off, they ASK ME HOW MUCH MONEY DO THEY WANT?!!!! Hello, you could have prefilled this in for me! So, then I had to sign in two more times (no I'm not making this up) to get to a page to show me the amount again (this time I remember it). So, I try to go back to the credit card page. I have to sign in two more times just for them not to have anything filled out on the credit card page so I have to type everything in AGAIN! GRRRRR! I finally pay, but at this point, I have no faith in any of Ebay's systems. Un-user friendly and the excessive signing in is awful. Why don't they call up their brother at since they own them now and ask them how to do a web UI that doesn't annoy.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to get this off my chest...I don't think I'll be selling much of anything on ebay any more since they love over charging for small mistakes and that damn atrocious UI! If I was Sun or IBM, I would tell them not to advertise that they use my products because they're using them poorly. Or better yet with that extra fee they charged me, they could pay for a good UI designer. Oh yeah, PPUID stands for Piss Poor User Interface Design.

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