Thursday, September 16, 2004

Something to Ponder...

Rusty commented in response to AJavaGuy:
    AJavaGuy says he isn't an idiot but thinks you need to ship a workbench for someone to deploy Smalltalk code. The thing that keeps developers away from Smalltalk is you have to be an object developer to perform well in the Smalltalk environment. Most Java developers are not object developers. And they write the code to prove it.

How true. I can't tell you how much java code that I have seen that is nothing but data structures and controllers. There's very little "object" code. It's not a jab at java either. Writing good OO code is a skill that saddly a lot of developers do not take the time to learn. I am shocked at how some folks will read every book on patterns, but have never cracked a book on basic OO modelling (no, I'm not kidding, you think this would not be the case). Anyway, it saddens me that writing good object code might be hindering Smalltalk's acceptance. I find Smalltalk enables object think much more easily. I think that a lot of java programmers would write better java code if they learned Smalltalk as their "language of the year". Learning Lisp certainly opened up my eyes and I think I write better code because of it as well. I think more developers should look beyond thei language of choice and learn others no matter what. I'm constantly learning new languages to try to find one better than Smalltalk for me. I haven't found it yet, but I found a lot of cool and interesting ideas that have changed the way I code for the better. Anyway, Rusty's comment got my mind working.

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