Tuesday, August 17, 2004

J2EEland vs Dynamica

Check this article on J2EE vs. Ruby and Python. You have to read the comments too!
I love this quote:
    I know this is an inflammatory statement but it would seem like the smart money is on a shift away from J2EE to Ruby or Python-based web frameworks.

Hell, I think we as the Smalltalk community need to get off our butts. Smalltalk has been around longer. Our frameworks are more mature and hell, even better! Seaside and Glorp kick a lot of booty. We even have OODBs (Gemstone) that kick booty as well! It seems the a lot of the loyal J2EE masses are figuring out that it's too hard to write systems especially simple ones. In Smalltalk, we can write systems that are not only easy to write, but scale as well! Raise the flag and let's get it on! Of course, I'm happier than a bug in a rug that people are looking at dynamic languages and solutions PERIOD. I would pick Smalltalk as my first choice of development anyday. But, I would gladly program in Ruby or Python instead of Java anyday.

More quotes:
    Well, people say that the J2EE solutions are more scalable. A Ruby or Python web app may take less time to get going, but if you're going to run an Amazon or eBay you need something that scales up.

    Now, I have no idea if this is true, it's just what they say...

Well, that's what they say...But, is it true? I think we're finding out that if you don't do J2EE "right", then yep, it doesn't scale. But, doing it "right" is very very hard and difficult. Anyway, J2EE developers need to stop reading the books and find out themselves what scales...Think out of the box...It feels great, I promise! Come feel the love!

Now, go read this rebuttal to the comments at Loud Thinking from the creator of Ruby On Rails. And speaking of marketing, check out Ruby On Rails. He's done a great showing off his framework and selling it as well as Ruby. Make me want to sit down and do a video for Seaside to show it off. Hmmmm...Perhaps, I need to get off my lazy bum and do something about it!

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