Monday, May 31, 2004

Ayreon: The Human Equation

I'm glad people make great music still. This album is simply beyond words. I've been listening to it 2 days non-stop. Nothing else has entered my player. For those that don't know, Ayreon is the brain-child of Arjen Lucasson. He basically assembles a cast of stellar musicians and singers, writes all of the music, and records it. Every album is nothing short of amazing. In fact, everything that Arjen touches is simply incredible. But, his new album, "The Human Equation" is way better than anything I could have expected. It's nice to have a musician to have hopes for and they exceed them everytime. The story is amazing and the music is a tour de force of prog, folk, symphonic, electronic, and metal. And it all sounds coherent. I can't stop listening to it. Right now, I have 10 albums from Mr. Arjen Lucasson and they all KICK. If you enjoy music that challenges and delights you (ala Dream Theater, Yes, etc), then go out and buy this now. This is the album of the decade. YES, IT'S THAT DAMN GREAT! Also, there is a tribute of sort to Mr. Alice Cooper (it would have been nice to have the real thing, but the tribute was done well).

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