Saturday, March 20, 2004

Cool New Blog

I just ran into Brian McAllister's blog and I've been enjoying it a lot. He has a great outlook and view on a lot of programming topics. I particularily loved this post entitled:
Perspectives. Basically, the post is about asking each one of us to step back and look at what the other developer was thining when they made decisions. It's a response to a Java developer going off on the decision to make Groovy (a cool little scripting language add-on for Java) a JSR. Brian is a very open minded person and his blog is a great read. I love finding a new blog to enjoy. Especially, I love his comments about becoming a "functional programming weenie" (his words not mine) because I feel the same way sometimes since I've learned Lisp and use some of the lessons learned in Smalltalk (ala I use a lot more blocks!).

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