Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Right On Brother

I gleamed the following from comp.lang.smalltalk. All I got to say is "RIGHT ON BROTHER!" I got tired of doing things the "curly way" and I am much happier. Here's the post:
    From: Nevin Pratt (
    Subject: Re: Smalltalk to J2EE Migration

    Date: 2003-12-23 19:04:16 PST

    Lance Parkington wrote:
    > I could never understand why the UK employers will only fund Java
    > projects. No wonder IT disasters are constantly repeated. I've just
    > spent an entire year migrating an application to Java that took one
    > month in VisualWorks ;-)

    Did you enjoy the work? If not, then why did you do it?

    Yes, I know sometimes we have to put food on the table. After all, my
    wife just had baby #10 last Friday (a beautiful boy), so I know the drill.

    But life is too short for that to always be the answer-- that I did it
    "to put food on the table", or "to pay the mortgage".

    And the same advice goes to every reader of this newsgroup. Work hard
    to get yourselves into a position where you can "just say 'no'" when you
    are asked to take a dead-end boring, unfulfilling job like that. Come
    up with a personal battle plan that will let you eventually put an end
    to doing things like that.

    Lance, if you really did enjoy the work, then I apologize for what I
    just said, and I congratulate you for finding enjoyable work. But I
    know I couldn't have done what you did-- it would have drove me nuts.


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