Saturday, October 11, 2003

Yummy Musical Madness

Markus Gaelli posted the following to the Squeak list. This sounds like a lot of fun (pun intended, yeah I was bad). Enjoy!
    From the preamble:

    A prealpha version of a port of musinum, a fractal music generator from Lars Kindermann.
    See (in any case...)

    Try MusinumPlayer base2
    MusinumPlayer base2base3
    MusinumPlayer random3to7
    MusinumPlayer randomPercussion

    Right now you have to manually interrupt with Apple/. or Alt/.
    and then say

    MusinumPlayer reset

    So it is an euphemism to say that there is no user interface,
    but I still found it interesting enough to dare a first release.
    You have been warned...
    License is MIT.

    have fun,


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