Thursday, October 09, 2003

What I Love About Smalltalk #8916343

Since, I didn't get to participate in the Squeak 3.6 (because of ...yep, you guessed, I have started to setup my base image and get going with it. Well, I ran into several problems, but one of the things that I love about Smalltalk is that new code is introduced via filing in the source code. One of the problems I ran into was because a semicolon was missing in the source. I know this isn't something totally related to Smalltalk, but Smalltalk really forces the point home. In other languages, it's easy to introduce libraries where you don't have the source at all. In Smalltalk, you must have the source. It's great when you have a problem and you can actually debug the code and possibly apply a temporary fix so you can keep on working. I posted on the Squeak list explaining my problem, but I wasn't waiting on people to fix my problem. I was going forward because I could add the simple semicolon directly with no fuss. There's nothing like knowing that if you run into a problem that you can fix it without waiting...=)

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