Thursday, October 02, 2003


I'll admit it. I love The Onion! Some of the funniest stuff ever written! Anyway, I was browsing this morning and found this column:
    Frustrated Sycophant Can't Figure Out What Boss Wants To Hear
    HOUSTON, TX—Associate vice-president Barry Ackerman has been struggling to determine exactly what West Texas Bank CEO William J. Holloway wants to hear, the shameless toady said Monday. "I thought for sure he'd be against Proposition 13, because it allows home-equity lines of credit," said the bootlicking Ackerman. "But when I started slamming it, he told me he supported giving the public greater spending power. I just can't read him." To repair any damage his comment may have done, Ackerman sent Holloway two tickets to The Producers.

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