Thursday, October 09, 2003

Squeak Bug Tracker

I think a Squeak Bug Tracker would be an excellent application to code. I'm thinking I might take what I learn from the SBlog challenge and possibly make my own challenge for this. I think a bug tracker would be an excellent tool to integrate into the Squeak environment and also have a web interface. It would be a great place to not only report bugs (and see the progress of fixes), but also tracking enhancements and future changes. It could be used to see where each Squeak release was and to see what was coming around the corner. If it was fully integrated into the environment, then as soon as you fix a bug or what have you, you could mark the bug as fixed. It would be cool to integrate with Monticello so that you could report what bugs you fixed with the release of your code. I'm thinking bug tracking should go beyond just the base Squeak image, but also to all of the projects on SqueakMap. So, that I can keep track of bugs in my project and provide updates (and report easily what I did). I'm still formulating my thoughts and I know there's been a ton of discussions on the SqueakList that I need to catch up on (next week, next week!!!!). I'm probably just reiterating what they have been talking about (I need to go read all of the discussions when I get the time).

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